Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brisbane - The Adventure Begins

We are staying at a hostel in Brisbane while looking for permanent residence. We flew into Brisbane International Airport today(Saturday, Feb 20th) at 9:15 AM, where we were greeted by a driver from the University and driven to our hostel. The Australian people are all so nice and helpful. The first thing we did after we got settled into our rooms was going looking for cell phones. After asking around and talking to several phone companies we found one that worked. We considered the day a success and spent the afternoon and evening walking around and learning about the city. It is amazing here. The city is very clean, colorful, busy, and diverse. We took even more pictures! Staying in a hostel is pretty fun because I’m meeting so many people and experiencing new things every day. Hopefully we’ll find a place to live in the next few days and I’ll have permanent internet access, instead of paying per hour each time. We plan to visit the campus in the next few days and attend orientation this week. I’ll update later this week as my adventure continues to unfold.

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