Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Post! Basic Trip Info

Well this is my first post. I've never blogged before, but I've been told it's a great way to keep in touch with everyone while I'm off having the time of my life. So for the next five months, I will make an effort to update once a week on my adventures in Australia. I plan on putting plenty of pictures up throughout this trip and hopefully this blog will help me remember everything I do. I don't consider myself much of a writer, but I'm always up for trying something new. Who knows, maybe I'll find some hidden talent in writing.

I am studying in the Australian city of Brisbane, at the University of Queensland. Brisbane is located on the middle of the east coast of Australia, in between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef (Still a couple hundred miles away from both). I am traveling with 10 other UW-Madison students from the engineering department. I have only met them once, but I'm sure we'll all be best friends soon.

On my way to Australia I am making two stops. The first is in San Francisco to visit my sister Julie where she goes to school at Stanford (where I'm posting from right now). The second is on the small island paradise of Fiji. I will be in Fiji for an entire week! I am staying in Fiji with 8 of the UW students. We will be island hopping and relaxing on the beach, getting ready for our studies in Australia. On February 20th I will finally arrive in Australia. I will have a week long orientation before class starts on March 1st. That's all I know right now, the rest will be an adventure. Can't wait.

Look for me to update with pictures of San Francisco and Fiji in the next week or two.



    haha Are you just studying abroad in Australia?

    It's Kim Behrens (in case ya didnt know)

  2. So cool, Mark! I always thought it would be fun to visit Australia!! What a great opportunity! Prayers for safe travel...and lots of fun! :)

    Amy Kutz

  3. o ya! glad your safe glad you are having fun so far. dont forget about me buddy!